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                      1. NEWS


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                        ADIS modern brick, the flexible demand of modern space

                        Release date:2019-07-12 Reading volume: 3907次 Author:Artist

                        "Good design, it can always reach the soul of people gently, awaken our awareness of life style, it moistens things silently, silence is beautiful."


                        In recent years, modern style has gradually become a popular trend in life, whether it is home furnishings, tooling, or all kinds of luxury stores, all emphasize modern style. The popularity of modern style has gone far beyond our imagination, no matter in the home furnishing or fashion industry, big stars or ordinary people, everyone's pursuit of "modern style" has risen to an unprecedented height, and gradually become the standard of modern young people.


                        The catering change of the trend

                        The natural following attitude is the trend favored by the new generation of consumers after 80 and 90, which is the upgrading of consumption and the trend of development. Therefore, in order to meet the higher style needs of consumers, ADIS ceramic tile, with the brand-new positioning of "modern" and "simple", has opened the modern style aesthetics of "wood brick" to "modern brick".


                        Catering doesn't mean compromise

                        The change of ADIS ceramic tile, in addition to catering to the brand's change of modern fashion trend, focuses more on the development of the product itself. No matter in design, process and application, ADIS is constantly innovating. The superposition of various process technologies creates more possibilities for consumers' texture living space, making ADIS products more close to consumers while keeping up with the trend.


                        Different from the previous category division, this restructuring of ADIS modern brick product structure is not only the renewal of new products or new categories, but also the redefinition of the main melody of products from the perspective of "five senses design", which integrates a design method of five senses visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory communication and integration into the space, and more The result of feeling becomes the bridge of transformation and integration in consumers' hearts. In the integration of more fashion elements and light luxury texture, let space and life become more tasteful.


                        Every detail contains a simple and exquisite style, and every match annotates a low luxury style. Guided by quality consumption, ADIS modern brick communicates with consumers with high-quality products and services to meet consumers' demand for quality consumption and subvert people's traditional cognition of ceramic tiles. ADIS modern brick embodies not only the purity of color, but also a far away from noise Pure, flexible demand for modern space.

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